why real intelligence llc
There is nothing artificial about Real Intelligence.  It is often said, “the shortest path between two points is a straight line.”  Although that is mathematically correct, your sailboat through life might encounter rough seas, subsurface boulders, or tremendous headwinds along that line.  It also makes no sense to approach port at the same speed as you might want in open water.  Our metaphor for your path to financial independence is sound as it relates to strategic planning.  Each person’s journey includes opportunities or challenges that present themselves along the way. The calculations are done quickly and the natural conflicts that occur along your lifeline become obvious.  This human-centered method of strategic financial planning is designed to help you successfully fund each of life’s major expenses:  college tuition planning, your mortgage, your child’s wedding, and your retirement. The family purpose is a thoughtful conversation that occurs between all parts of the extended family and addresses opportunities like funding the grandchildren’s college education, succession planning of a family business, or an organized philanthropic effort.  
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