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DM certification program

The DM (Dynamic Mapping) certification program is a two-day course designed to help consultants transform their business into one of the most desirable advisory practices ever built.

Day 1

Day one is spent solely on the Dynamic Mapping financial planning program. This program has some very unique methods that are designed to significantly reduce stress often demonstrated by nervous investors and from people who don’t really understand the outcome of previous financial plans. The app is currently available on the Apple store for iPad or the Google Android store for Android tablet.

Day 2

Day two is spent learning an advanced sales training program designed to attract and retain great relationships from the middle-class millionaire marketplace. The end of the day includes four very challenging case studies to prepare you for “The 90-day Challenge”. Bi-weekly video conferencing will be available to offer coaching assistance in the development of your new and improved advisory experience. Upon completion of the Challenge, a passing grade on the exam, and a signed agreement to the DM client service model, the DM certification is delivered. DM trained consultants will be qualified to receive referrals to interested app users.

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