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Jeff Mount


Jeff Mount was in the financial services business for twenty-five years. His tenure saw multiple awards recognizing his innovative approach to client service modeling (the essential family office) and in training advisors how to deliver that experience. Today, Jeff maintains a monthly column in Newsmax Finance and has been a guest writer for Global Banking and Finance, Yahoo Finance, Best Company and a guest on various television shows and podcasts. His primary focus is President of Real Intelligence LLC, which trains advisors to help families fund their unique family obligations as well as define and support the family purpose.
About Us

Mike Helgesen

Director of Development

Mike was in the financial services business for over 30 years and was one of the earliest adopters of the CFP (Certified Financial Planner). Mike is the author of “Weathering Financial Storms” and the creator of the Dynamic Map financial planning method which is a more intuitive approach than the traditional “institutional” method. Today, Mike is the Director of Development for Real Intelligence LLC.

Dynamic Map app

The Dynamic Map app is the world’s most intuitive financial planning calculator. This app will allow you
to visualize your financial future in ten minutes or less. The app is free and available on either the Apple
app store or Google Play

For those who choose to manage the strategy themselves, you can purchase “Weathering Financial
Storms” here.

Dynamic Mapping


The “Dynamic Mapping” podcast is now available on all major podcast venues: Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, Pandora, and Stitcher. This interview style program is designed to help “do-it-yourselfers” find the resources to be effective. For those who are seeking an advisor – they should expect to receive a client service model that is normally reserved for the super rich (an essential family office model). Please join us weekly as we introduce you to these great minds.

Dynamic Map Trained Advisor

A DM trained advisor delivers an essential family office experience.  This client service model is normally reserved for families who have $50 million or more, but has been scaled down to assist the middle-class millionaire with the opportunity to maintain financial independence and pursue their family purpose.  The three benefits to this model are:

  1.  The ability to preserve your wealth in multiple ways:  from losses due to severe market declines, from excessive taxation (capital gains, unearned income and wealth transfer taxes), and from potential frivolous and/or fraudulent lawsuits.
  2. Restore your time.  Spend your time with your family, friends, and on your profession.
  3. A high degree of privacy and discretion.

Click here to be introduced to a DM trained advisor.

News and Press


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