how you benefit

Improved profitability

A DM certified consultant will build a business that is focused on the middle-class millionaire. Improved profitability, increased time to have very high-quality engagements with these clients, and a significant increase in book valuation are the obvious benefits from a lifestyle perspective.

Building Multi-Generational Relationships

Dynamic Mapping provides the consultant the opportunity to get to know their clients in a better way than they ever have before. Combine that with a learned experience through the Essential Family Office that inspires and motivates action and you have the foundation for relationships that should span multiple generations.

identify and connect with middle-class millionaires

The need to focus on the middle-class millionaire has never been greater. As middle-market investors move to an artificial intelligence inspired robo-adviser, financial consultant will be forced to identify and connect with middle-class millionaires who would never trust a piece of software with their hard-earned life savings. Real Intelligence LLC is here to help.

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