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Easy access to information

Easy access to information on how to trade in the stock market has encouraged an entire generation to seek opportunities for growth of their assets.  Although this is a great sign of financial wellness taking shape, it is important to manage risk properly as it relates to each person’s unique distribution needs and to assign specific future value liabilities for each of life’s major events.  The Dynamic Map app can help deliver this information in a visual way that enables strategic thinking in just minutes
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Financial independence inspires the entire community

A rising tide lifts all boats.  Investing in equities is as easy as downloading an app and trades are free.  So, why do so many people still struggle to pull their families out of poverty?  Learning how to buy a stock is nothing like learning how to manage cash flow, how to avoid devastation from life’s surprises (divorce, layoff, etc.), or how to become agnostic towards stock market meltdowns.  Real Intelligence LLC helps investors of all sizes forge a path towards financial independence, which emboldens people to pursue their passions.

An essential family office for middle-class millionaires

The family office traditionally has been reserved for families who have assets over $50 million.  Real Intelligence LLC has trained an elite group of advisors who deliver a scaled version of that same experience for families who have achieved financial independence and are interested in guidance towards the pursuit of the family purpose.  The collection of services within this model include investment management, tax, legal, property/casualty risk management, and concierge travel services.  Contact us here to be introduced to a Dynamic Map trained advisor.
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