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Visualize your financial future in ten minutes or less

Real Intelligence LLC is committed to guiding families to financial independence and to pursue their family purpose.  The traditional method of financial planning is based on an institutional model.  It takes too much time to build these for families and the output is often delivered through boring spreadsheets that deliver data in silos.  Institutions don’t get sick, hurt, laid off, or divorced.
People do!  So, why has an entire industry committed so many resources towards a financial planning and risk management method that has no relevance to the unique needs of families? Dynamic Mapping is a more human-centered method of financial planning.  It identifies each family’s unique future value liabilities that address all of the major funding needs of our lives:  our mortgage, college tuition for our children, wedding savings for our kids, and retirement.  Planning and risk management strategies are intuitive and effective at dramatically minimizing losses from crashing markets at just the wrong time (like the early years of retirement or when your child enters college). The Dynamic Map app is available to help with the complex math that is needed and the information is delivered visually, which creates the metaphor of sailing through life.  The app is a free download on either the Apple app store or Google Play for smartphones and tablets.
Who We are

Jeff Mount

President, Real Intelligence LLC

Jeff Mount spent twenty-five years in the financial services business and attained numerous awards including “Innovator of the Year.”  Jeff has been published in many popular financial media outlets including “Global Banking and Finance,” “Forbes,” “Best Company,” “FinTec Buzz,” and is a monthly columnist with “Newsmax Finance.” Jeff was interviewed by Tracy Weslosky, CEO of Investor Intel, to which Tracy proclaimed, “Jeff was one of the most entertaining interviews I have ever done.” “Visualize your financial future in ten minutes or less.”  Jeff Mount, President of Real Intelligence LLC, has been disrupting the financial planning community by introducing a financial planning experience that is so intuitive, advisors can engage in strategic conversations in just minutes with investors.  Do-it-yourself investors will also appreciate the Dynamic Map tool to help them set realistic goals for each of life’s major expenses.  The “Dynamic Map” is a free download from either the Apple store or Google Play and is introduced during his keynote and workshop presentations.  The combination of this tool and a Dynamic Map approach to strategy and investing can help families achieve financial independence and/or pursue their family purpose.

Mike Helgesen

Director of Development, Real Intelligence LLC

Mike has been in the financial services business for over 30 years and was the creator of Dynamic Mapping. This unique financial planning method helps consultants to know their client in a way that traditional financial planning does not. This human-centric approach to financial planning is a consultant’s greatest tool to combat the competitive threat of boiler plate financial planning calculators often found in free programs through robo-advisers. “It is not how you compute, it is how you think!”
Who We serve

Helping Families Achieve Financial Independence

Real Intelligence LLC is focused on helping families achieve financial independence and to pursue their family purpose.  We define “wealth” as the money left over after all of your family obligations have been satisfied.  That additional wealth allows the family to address very important objectives like succession planning within a family-owned business, philanthropic efforts that involve each member of the family, or college tuition funding for the next generation.  These are classic examples of the family purpose.
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