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Our Mission

Empowering Wealth Consultants

Real Intelligence LLC empowers wealth consultants to overcome the competitive challenges of artificial intelligence.

The rise of very low cost robo-advisers and $0 commissions at custodians has put enormous price pressure on the traditional wealth adviser. Middle-market investors are now able to own stock and bond portfolios that are tax managed and cost just 25 basis points. These middle-market investors have small account balances and no desire for serious risk management (as is evidenced by their ownership of passive index funds and ETFs.) 

This new threat to traditional financial consultants will force significant behavioral change in a profession that historically saw very passive efforts at enterprise level growth. Real Intelligence LLC delivers the human-centric financial planning tools and advanced sales training to help the wealth consultant build a business around middle-class millionaires. This intense training program puts the consultant through a 100- day habit change program concluding with DM (Dynamic Mapping) certification. DM certification includes a commitment from the consultant to delivering a client service model that is a replica of a model often reserved for families who possess $50 million or more.

Who We are

Jeff Mount

President, Real Intelligence LLC

Jeff has been active in the financial services business for the last 25 years. His unique skill set includes sales, sales coaching, strategy and client service modeling. In 2008, he created a very unique training program, which is now called the Essential Family Office, that has helped financial consultants achieve significant growth of their assets under management and in a more scalable format. On average, these consultants saw an annual increase of $28 million in new assets under management in the first year upon completion of the training.

Mike Helgesen

Director of Development, Real Intelligence LLC

Mike has been in the financial services business for over 30 years and was the creator of Dynamic Mapping. This unique financial planning method helps consultants to know their client in a way that traditional financial planning does not. This human-centric approach to financial planning is a consultant’s greatest tool to combat the competitive threat of boiler plate financial planning calculators often found in free programs through robo-advisers. “It is not how you compute, it is how you think!”

Who We serve

Wealth Management Professionals

Financial advisers, wealth managers, and CPA’s go through three stages of their professional careers.


The first phase is business building. We call this the GROWTH phase. In decades past, these professionals would accept almost anyone as a client. Often, the foundation of this business became family, friends, and second connection referrals. Today, investors have more tools available to them online than ever before. These programs are very inexpensive and can deliver a similar experience that a smaller investor might expect from a human financial consultant. Real Intelligence doesn’t attempt to help consultants keep the smaller client, rather, to attract more of the wealthiest investors who will never trust a piece of software with their hard-earned savings.


The second phase is MAINTENANCE. During this phase, the consultant is less interested in growing the number of new clients and more interested in achieving scale. Scale improves profitability and gives the consultant the opportunity to spend more quality time with wealthier clients who have more complex financial planning needs.


The third phase is EXIT. The financial services industry is heavily weighted towards an average age that is very close to the traditional retirement age. Many of these consultants have expressed interest in selling their book of business but lack the tools and guidance to help deliver a smooth, profitable transaction that maintains a high-quality experience for the consultant’s clients. Real Intelligence has first-hand experience in a very unique model that includes an auction process.

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