Consider This Program: Consider This Program & Jeffrey Mount, PHD

Written by Jeff Mount

 July 4, 2020

Join us as we talk with Real Intelligence LLC President Jeffrey Mount.  Real Intelligence LLC empowers wealth consultants to overcome the competitive challenges of artificial Intelligence.


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Written by Jeff Mount July 6, 2020 Multi-generational poverty negatively affects every aspect of the American economy. Real Intelligence CEO Jeff Mount says financial literacy education helps break the cycle of poverty.The legacy of multi-generational poverty among American families is reaching worrisome levels. Multi-generational poverty is defined as a family having lived in poverty for

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Managing liquidity risk during a pandemic

As seen on Global Banking and Finance Review Written by Jeff Mount FAIRFIELD, CONN. (PRWEB) APRIL 27, 2020 Here is the problem with this—institutions do not get sick or hurt. They do not get laid off. They do not pay for their children’s tuition or weddings. All of these real-life challenges require liquidity. The most liquid security is cash. However, cash pays

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