“Why should I change my financial planning method?”​

I hear this one a lot. I get it.

It took you a long time to develop your story to explain someone else’s financial planning output. Wait a second. Say that again? “It took me a long time to develop my story to explain someone else’s financial planning output?”

Let me explain the significance of this. It will change the way you view everything.

As of now, you probably run your financial plans through one of the larger subscription services that cost you between $300-$400 per month. Your discovery questions give you the inputs for the software and the output gives you around 50 pages of “stuff” to review with the prospective investor. However, this “financial planning” method you love so much and pay SO much for is only good for about 5 pages. So, let’s review: You LOVE your financial planning method. The same one where you throw away 90% of it. The same one you pay a rich monthly subscription fee to generate 5 pages. The same one that encourages you to STOP thinking like a human and rely on input/output software “stuff.”

It isn’t how you compute, it is how you THINK!

The name, Real Intelligence LLC, is a play on words. “We help financial advisors overcome the competitive challenges of artificial intelligence.” To honor our name, we want to introduce you to human centered financial planning. In order to make this transition easy for you, we have built a revolutionary calculator that will encourage the prospective investor to think strategically about your financial plan. The “Big company software financial plans” kick out the calculations in a spreadsheet format. This allows the viewer to follow the cash flow easily. However, it is almost impossible to have strategic thought around this output. Perhaps you can recall the most recent victim of these plans asking you, “What do I do now?” This is a clear indication that they don’t get it!

“Dynamic Mapping” is the name of our financial planning method. It graphs the financial planning calculations instead of spreadsheeting them. It also operates under the assumption that families have liabilities that have to be met before they can call themselves wealthy. Retirement is one of these liabilities. I know. This one is a head scratcher. Try to recall the old pension days. Defined benefit plans were supported by the employer. The employer had a liability to pay the employees income for life. Then came the 401(k) “opportunity.” This new retirement planning “opportunity” transitioned the liability from the employer to the employee. However, the 401(k) salespeople never suggested there was any liability. They suggested this was found wealth! Nope. Not true. In fact, things got harder, not better. The actuaries behind the old defined benefit plans never had to account for inflation. When managing our income in retirement, we are forced to do exactly that! Very challenging! The graphing of the calculations delivers a visual experience that enables even the most novice investor to have strategic conversations about their financial plans. These conversations lead to faster trust building opportunities with middle-class millionaires. The cost of these graphed mathematical solutions from Real Intelligence LLC is $0. No cost upfront and no subscription fees.

Real Intelligence LLC is here to help financial advisors build human centered financial plans. This will not be an input/output “robotic” experience. It will ask you to think (we will help), and as a result, build deep relationships with prospective investors faster than ever before! Are you ready to build that “perfect” book of business?

Please feel free to schedule a meeting with me at your convenience to discuss the next available training program. We are excited to introduce middle-class millionaires to exceptional financial advisors!


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