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Real Intelligence LLC delivers the human-centric financial planning tools and advanced sales training to help the wealth consultant build a business around middle-class millionaires.

Dynamic Map Financial Planning

Upon completion of the 90 Day "Challenge" and successfully passing the exam, certification will qualify you to receive referrals from middle-class millionaire investors who have downloaded the app.

Essential Family Office sales training program

Imagine a standard of care normally reserved for families with over $50 million that could successfully cross generations for your middle-class millionaire clients.

90 day “Challenge”

Advanced sales training is a waste of time without change. This 90 Day "Challenge" can fill your sales pipeline with up to $50 million in new business within the first year.

Advisory Exit Strategy Consulting

Building a business that is multi-generational and delivering the essential family office service model is a more valuable book of business than one created around family and friends. Add to that a unique auction process to leverage the laws of supply and demand.

What We Offer

Dynamic Map

In the midst of financial catastrophe, investors are vulnerable to insecurity, inaction, and panic because of the following: Most people lack a central, organizing idea from which they can make sound decisions and shape their future. 

No matter how high the quality of your data, it cannot render a solution without a process that converts it into action.

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Real Intelligence LLC empowers wealth consultants to overcome the competitive challenges of artificial intelligence.

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Financial Literacy

Financial literacy needs to be addressed in the schools, colleges, and in the community. The decisions that each of us make affect our families, community, and these decisions offer the potential to realize the kind of dignity we all seek.

Real Intelligence LLC will provide a free downloadable app that will serve as a strategic, financial planning calculator to help investors and consultants make smarter investment decisions.

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“Welcome to Dynamic Mapping!  Dynamic Map financial planning is a more intuitive approach that enables strategic thinking within minutes.  Please join us on a journey that can encourage and enable great family outcomes.”