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Dynamic Map Financial Planning

Traditional financial plans take weeks to develop and months to comprehend. The method normally used is the same one used for pensions, foundations, and endowments. However, those institutions don’t get sick, hurt, laid off, or divorced. People do! Dynamic Mapping addresses the risk management needs of families. The risk management method is intuitive and applies an “aging of portfolios” approach to each of life’s purpose-based accounts. The sailing through life metaphor allows the family to comprehend their current projected outcome and to easily apply strategic thinking to improve those outcomes.

The Essential Family Office

A traditional family office model has always been reserved for the ultra high-net worth. It is an amazing experience of talented professionals (investment management, accounting, legal, property/casualty risk management, etc.) who are focused on facilitating the family purpose once financial independence has been achieved. This service model now exists for families who have as little as $750,000 in investable assets.


Sometimes life delivers pleasant surprises that can dramatically improve your life’s journey. Those surprises might be an inheritance, vested stock options, or the sale of a family business. Dynamic Mapping allows you the opportunity to see the improvements to your boat and potentially deliver a more successful journey.


Life can also hide boulders just below the surface. Divorce, layoffs, or long-term disability can impact the outcome of your journey. The first step towards recovery is to assess how much damage your boat endured. Dynamic Mapping can identify the damage and Real Intelligence can help get you moving again. For do-it-yourselfers, you can purchase “Weathering Financial Storms” which teaches you everything you need to know about Dynamic Mapping or you can request an introduction to an advisor who has been successfully trained in the Dynamic Map method.

Dynamic Mapping


The “Dynamic Mapping” podcast is now available on all major podcast venues: Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, Pandora, and Stitcher. This interview style program is designed to help “do-it-yourselfers” find the resources to be effective. For those who are seeking an advisor – they should expect to receive a client service model that is normally reserved for the super rich (an essential family office model). Please join us weekly as we introduce you to these great minds.
What We Offer

Dynamic Map

In the midst of financial catastrophe, investors are vulnerable to insecurity, inaction, and panic because of the following: Most people lack a central, organizing idea from which they can make sound decisions and shape their future. 

No matter how high the quality of your data, it cannot render a solution without a process that converts it into action.

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Whoosh! Primed for retirement

Whoosh! App

Do you remember the snarky kid who told you about the birds and the bees?  Was life ever the same after that???  It was a life altering moment.  A state change.  I’ll bet nobody told you about the “snow birds and the snow bees.”  This conversation is just as much of a life altering moment.  Whoosh tells you the fifty things you need to do before or at the beginning of retirement.  This checklist app helps anyone prepare for this state change.  Tips from some of the most renowned financial planners are yours to aid you during this incredible period of your life.

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Real Intelligence LLC helps families achieve financial independence and to pursue their family purpose.  There is nothing artificial about our intelligence or our friends.

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Financial Literacy

Financial literacy needs to be addressed in the schools, colleges, and in the community. The decisions that each of us make affect our families, community, and these decisions offer the potential to realize the kind of dignity we all seek.

Real Intelligence LLC will provide a free downloadable app that will serve as a strategic, financial planning calculator to help investors and consultants make smarter investment decisions.

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